Welcome to the public library

The libraries in the municipality of Horsens have a lot to offer. Keep reading - and learn how you can use your local library.
About the Libraries
All the libraries in Horsens are public libraries. This means that the many libraries in Horsens offer free service to everyone.
Horsens' main library is located in the heart of the city. However, the library consists of several other branches, which can be found in the surrounding areas of Horsens. These areas include: Brædstrup, Østbirk, Gedved, Hovedgård, Søvind and Endelave. This means that you have easy access to excellent library services in the region of Horsens.
The libraries have different opening hours, but certain things are the same for all the branches: various fines, rules and regulations. For more information regarding opening hours – see here.
How to Become a Registered Library User
First and foremost – everybody can borrow from the libraries. It is FREE – unless you hand in your loans late, in that case you will get a fine.
To be registered as a library user, you have to show up in person at one of our library branches. Ask one of our staff members to register you. You need to show a valid identity card with your CPR-number.
For adults (age 18+), it is also required that you show a valid ID with a photo or you can bring your NemID.
We can issue a special library card for you – or you can use your national health service medical card (yellow card). You have to choose a personal code (four digits) for your library card. Once registered, you can use the library's many services!
For more information about the rules and regulations at the library – see the red brochure entitled: “Welcome to the public library”, visit this site, or feel free to ask the library staff.