Rules & Regulations

Rules for use of the libraries in the Horsens municipality

The Right to Borrow and Library Card

  • Everybody can borrow items from the libraries. It is free. But you need to be registered.
  • In order to be registered you need to show a valid identity card with your CPR-number. For adults (age 18+), it is also required that you show a valid ID with a photo.
  • We can issue a special library card for you - or you can use your national health service medical card (yellow card).
  • If you lose your library card or national health service medical card, you must give notice to avoid any abuse.

Lending Period

  • Normally, you can keep your loans for one month. However, certain items can only be borrowed for two weeks.
  • The lending period for the borrowed item will be shown on your receipt.
  • The lending period can be extended up to three times unless the item is reserved by others.
  • If you exceed the lending period, you will receive a fine.


  • If the item you seek is currently being lent it can be reserved.
  • If we do not have the item you are searching for it is possible for us to request it from other libraries.
  • We will inform you when your reservations are ready for pickup at the library.

Registration of Loans

  • When you borrow items, you get a receipt showing your loans and the deadline for returning the items.
  • Your loan registration is deleted, when you return the items to the library.

Limitations for loans and reservations

  •  Your collective number of loans must not exceed 200 pieces of material.
  • Your collective number of reservations must not exceed 100 pieces of material (order no. 103 from January 31, 2013 §14).

Responsibility for borrowed items

  • Your national health service medical card (yellow card)/library card and PIN code are strictly personal - you are responsible for all your loans.
  • You will be requested to pay damage or replacement cost for damaged or lost items.