How to register children below 18 years as loaners

If you wish to register your kid as a loarner at the library, it is nescessary for you, as their parent or legal guardian, to issue your permission for this.


If you're below 18 you need your parents to fill out the form below.

Registration guide

  • Your parents have to log in with Nem-ID to fill oput the form by clicking on this link (opens in a new window and in Danish).
  • Await your welcome message on the mobile phone number or email address you entered in the registration form. The form is sent to an inbox that is being checked on weekdays between 10 and 15, after which your child will be registered into our system. So expect some processing time.
  • When you have received your welcome message you will need to visit the library to create a PIN code. Remember to bring your social security card.
  • When you have created your PIN code you are ready to use the library.

If your parents don't have Nem-ID you will have to bring one of them to the library within the manned hours ("bemandet åbningstid"). Your parent will need to bring valid photo ID and you need to bring your social security card. At the library you will be able to will out a physical registration form.