Re-opening of the library

The library is finally open again - remember your corona passport. Below you will find all the information you might need.

For the time being, you will need to show your corona passport to use the library for other than pick up of reserved materials and returning your loans.

The use of face mask is still mandatory, just as keeping distance and hand sanitization is necceassary. For this reason the libraries are only open during the manned hours. Below you'll find answers to your questions regarding the re-opening of the library. We are following official guidlines and will be updating this page regularly.

Remember your corona passport

As a new meassure it is now mandatory to present a negative test result from within the last 72 hours or proof of having finished a COVID-19 vaccine programme to access the library. Upon showing your corona passport, you are free to use all of our services including making copies, printing, using our study facilities or browsing our collections. You can pick up reservations and return your loans in the entrance area without showing your corona passport.

Children below the age of 15 are not obligated to show a covid passport to enter the library.

Click here to learn how to use your corona passport (in Danish)

What about events?

When participating in events at Horsens kommunes biblioteker you will, at the time being, need to show proof of negative test results from the proceeding 72 hours or proof of a completed vaccine programme.
Face masks are also mandatory at events when not seated. Hand sanitization and distance keeping is necessary. Events will be held with a reduced number of participants to ensure proper distancing for your safety. 

Opening hours

Due to the demand for corona passports we are only open during manned hours. This means that the self serviced library is temporarily closed. The main library in Horsens is open during the following hours:

Moday-Thursday:    8.00-19.00
Friday:                     8.00-17.00
Saturday:                9.00-15.00
Sunday:                   9.00-15.00

Our other branches are also open during manned hours.

See all opening hours

Pick up and returns WITHOUT corona passport

The entrance area is open for picking up reserved materials and returning your loans, even if you don't have a corona passport. 

Can I order materials form other libraries?

You can order materails from other librareis as usual.

Borgerservice (Citizen service) at Brædstrup bibliotek

Borgerservice at Brædstrup library is open from April 21st. You need to show the mandatory negative test result from within the last 72 hours or proof of having finished a COVID-19 vaccine programme to enter the library.

Online services

Our online services are unaffected by the re-opening. You can use eReolen, Filmstiben etc. as per usual.

Further question?

You can always keep up to date in this site. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact us via phone on 76192400 or at